A Century of
Building COMMUNITY Together

HPM Building Supply and Hawaii have been building better together for 100 years. Our history is filled with landmark events and lessons we're grateful for—but it's really the million and one small moments of connection with our customers and our community that got us here. Join us as we pay tribute to the past, honor those who give their all in the present and take our first steps forward in a new century of extraordinary service.

Here's to another 100 years of Building Better Together!

100 Years in the Making



Taking Care of Our Communities



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In 1921, two local contractors took a chance.
Japanese immigrants Kametaro Fujimoto and Sanzo Kawasaki rolled the dice on a new business venture—a little lumber operation in Hilo called Hawaii Planing Mill. Just as they'd built Hilo homes with a commitment to craftsmanship, the partners set out to build a business founded on relationships and forged with the goal to uplift everyone around them.


A hundred years later, HPM becomes a statewide supplier. One hundred years young and 100% employee-owned, HPM is bigger, better and more in tune with our community’s building needs than ever before. Kametaro's ethics are reflected in our core values of heart, character and growth and still guide us today. As in the early days, we take cues from our customers and aim to do right by them every day.


Our prosperity is measured by our people.
HPM's growth to 14 locations across the state isn't merely the product of good business sense. Our sustained growth, through even the toughest of times, is the accomplishment of nearly 400 hardworking owner-employees who help us all build better. It's also thanks to the quality brands, skilled pros, many community partners and loyal homeowners who rely on us, project after project.



jasonquote2A Message from the CEO

As I reflect on why HPM is still here and stronger than ever after a century of serving Hawaii, one reason outshines the rest: The values that guide our business are identical to our family values. Since day one, we've been serving our company, our customers and our community with the same unconditional devotion that we give our loved ones. 

Over one hundred years ago, my great-great grandfather boldly left plantation life seeking to carve out a meaningful livelihood. He worked as a general contractor for many years building plantation homes and commercial structures across Hawaii. Together with other immigrant entrepreneurs, Kametaro helped to found a new town, Shinmachi, then opened his own business—a planing mill that would supply other builders with affordable resources. Against the odds, he turned a longshot into a legacy by building a family company that created opportunities and goodwill, along with products and services.

Through the years, his legacy of innovation and resilience helped HPM tackle hardships with a team approach and the mindset that failure wasn't an option—people were depending on us. Through thick and thin, we persevered by making decisions based on what our community needed, not our bottom line. We never lost sight of why we do what we do. We do it for each other.

We took care of our team, who in turn took care of our customers. When my grandfather Bobby established a profit-sharing plan for our workers in 1959, and when my father Mike led HPM to become 100% employee-owned in 2006, HPM showed just how much it believed in its people. As we grew into a statewide building supplier, our success became shared success, and meant more resources to reinvest in our community. 

HPM's founding values of integrity, respect and continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence still embody who we are today. As we move forward, our core values of heart, character and growth will push us to work even harder to create a more resilient, sustainable Hawaii. Keep believing in us, and we'll never stop asking how we can help you build and live better.

With gratitude for the century behind us and enthusiasm for the century ahead,

Jason Fujimoto
President & CEO, HPM Building Supply



100 years cannot be celebrated without an appreciation for our community. We want to give back, so we're partnering with and supporting nonprofits and other community organizations throughout the state in an effort to fulfill 100 Acts of Service throughout our centennial year.


We're rewarding 100 customers with an HPM bucket, each filled with a $100 HPM gift card and $200 or more in sponsored gifts and/or merchandise. 10 lucky winners are announced every month beginning January through October. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to learn more.


Iconic Photos in HPM's History



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